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Northern Prospector 16

The Prospector design has been a figurehead of Canadian canoeing since the beginning. Built from the foundation of a hundred years of dependability, the Prospector 16 has plenty of room for gear, surprising responsiveness, and stability that will put any paddler at ease.


Shown in Red, Kevlar with Vinyl Trim

(Click photo to enlarge)


Optimum Load Range: 350-600 lbs.       

Industry Capacity: 1100 lbs

Length: 16’

Gunwale Width: 33.5”

Maximum Width: 35”

Waterline Width: 32”

Centre Depth: 13.5"

Bow Rocker: 2”

Stern Rocker: 2”


Kevlar - 52 lbs. - $3695 (CDN)

Ash Seats, Ash Yoke, Vinyl Trim


Colours & Options

Kneeling Thwart - $100            

Colour Skid Plates - $200 

Centre Seat (Kids or Solo) - $200

Yellow          Red    Champagne    Green

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