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Northern Prospector 14

The Prospector 14 is the quintessential multi-purpose solo boat. If you prefer traditional paddling

while kneeling with the boat heeled over, or sitting upright with your feet forward, the

Prospector 14 can accommodate any paddling style. Quick to turn and easy to control, you

can take your Prospector 14 out for an afternoon of fishing or photography, or you can load it for

days or weeks in the backcountry. 

Northern Prospector 14, Ruby

Shown in Red, Kevlar with Vinyl Trim

(Click photo to enlarge)


Optimum Load Range: 150-400 lbs.       

Industry Capacity: 650 lbs

Length: 14’

Gunwale Width: 28”

Maximum Width: 32”

Waterline Width: 28”

Centre Depth: 12.5"

Bow Rocker: 1”

Stern Rocker: 1”


Kevlar - 44 lbs. - $3395 (CDN)

Ash Seat, Vinyl Trim


Colours & Options

Yellow          Red    Champagne    Green

Detachable Solo Yoke - $200      Colour Skid Plates - $200 

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