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Northern Algonquin 16

The Algonquin 16 is one of our most popular models for good reason. It has excellent stability yet paddles and handles effortlessly. It inspires confidence in beginning paddlers, and parents in particular appreciate it’s roominess and stability. For photography, hunting, fishing and other activities that require stability, the Algonquin 16 has few equals.


Shown in Green, Kevlar with Vinyl Trim

(Click photo to enlarge)


Optimum Load Range: 350-600 lbs.       

Industry Capacity: 1000 lbs

Length: 16’

Gunwale Width: 36”

Maximum Width: 36”

Waterline Width: 33”

Centre Depth: 13"

Bow Rocker: 1”

Stern Rocker: 1”


Kevlar - 52 lbs. - $3595 (CDN)

Ash Seats, Ash Yoke, Vinyl Trim


Colours & Options

Kneeling Thwart - $100            

Colour Skid Plates - $200 

Centre Seat (Kids or Solo) - $200

Yellow          Red    Champagne    Green

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